Sova Consulting Group (SCG) is a usability consulting firm whose emphasis is on increasing the incorporation of usability as a company discipline and in practice by the creation of more usable products.

What is Usability?

Usability is a measure of the usefulness of a product. If the product is intuitive and obvious to the user (that is the client, customer, employee or site visitor) then it is considered a usable product.

We at SCG work with our clients to ensure the client's product will be usable, which means it will be better accepted by the end user of the product insuring user satisfaction, product and company loyalty and boost the company's reputation.

Why is usability important?

Usability is important to a company because it:
  • reduces the product development cycle time
  • reduces the amount of rework in the development stage
  • Increases user satisfaction, which directly translates as a postiive feeling about the company
  • Reduces help desk injuries
  • Reduces the need for emergency follow-up releases of a product.
Usability is important to the end user (customer) because it:
  • reduces the frustration caused by not knowing how to get the product to do what they want it to do
  • allows the user to actually use the product rather than learn or train on the product.